b12 Fitness responds to the market demands of the business world with the form b12 Consulting: a 360 ┬░ service that allows new entrepreneurs in the sector to be accompanied by the design phase of the project until the consolidation of customers, drastically reducing the percentage of entrepreneurial risk thanks to an experience of over 30 years in the fitness industry.


  • Guide for the establishment of the company (or other legal form) with practical advice and clear and reliable figures to refer to.
  • Support in choosing the appropriate room based on specific project needs
  • Advice and technical support on equipment and furnishings choice
  • No entry fee
  • Continuous consultancy including: business plan, staff training (b12 Academy), promotional launch events (b12 Event), support with partnerships for equipment, integrators, merchandising, advertising


  • Responsibility to find a room with specific criteria required by the franchise, with costs of research and rent paid by the entrepreneur
  • Advance payment of an entry fee and a subsequent monthly or annual royalty fee
  • Obligation of exclusivity for the supply of equipment and furnishings
  • Limited and specific product selection, with fixed prices and purchase / supply obligation from the franchise even if suppliers of the same products are found with cheaper prices
  • No guarantee of success despite the initial investment and the ongoing royalty fees


Over the years the b12 staff has created, guided and revived the fortunes of a large number of fitness centers, constantly increasing the knowledge and specific business skills thus obtaining a gradual but unstoppable increase in team skills and core business value.

b12 Consulting provides an external, different and objective point of view thanks to a rigorous analytical approach resulting from over 30 years of experience. Innovative solutions are suggested, ad hoc and above all feasible, which over time guarantee the achievement and improvement of the economic stability of the business and consequently an increase in the company value.



First management experience

Improvised and uncertified staff

Unprepared or non-existent commercial team


Decrease in the percentage of renewals

Decrease in turnover

Loss of company / brand value


Lack of adequate publicity

Missed or incorrect use of social networks

No management of events and schedules



You will be joined by a highly specialized and motivated figure who will replace the manager for a certain period. The Temporary Manager will have full powers and will deal with the reorganization of the sectors according to efficient management models, will train the staff to act according to the new operating standards and will support the manager for the period of control and evaluation of the results.


The entrepreneur or responsible manager is trained and guided towards proven, effective and efficient management practices and systems. The whole structure is studied, from the setting and maintenance of premises and equipment, to the relationship and management of service personnel, to the use of advertising circuits suited to the status of the business.


Classic and always effective intervention to improve the performance of the sales staff. The aim of b12 Academy during the training sessions is to increase the qualitative and quantitative average of the subscriptions sold by each individual consultant by making each member of the sales staff acquire greater awareness of their role.


Getting business initiative and skills to a technical resource is a complicated job. b12 Academy, with its own training courses, aims to train instructors in order to improve sales of personal training services, often with extraordinary economic results. A gym or fitness center that has a properly trained and motivated team of instructors-sellers can even double their sales turnover.


Following the first contact email or telephone b12 Consulting will send to your office an expert for a meeting and a first overview of the structure.

The first appointment is free, informal and without obligation, lasting about 1 hour. During the meeting, questions will be formulated to clearly focus on the weaknesses of the company, the structure and the staff and to understand which margins for improvement exist and which methodologies to adopt to achieve the objectives that will be set.

The privacy of company data will be guaranteed by the joint signature of the non-disclosure form.

A week after the first appointment b12 Consulting will send the best proposal formulated on the basis of individual needs, which will contain the type of intervention closer to the characteristics of the company and the current problem, the cost estimate and the resolution time of the problem.